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Noise ring excessively noisy
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Author Noise ring excessively noisy
So, one thing that's always frustrated me about my Frac NR is that with the "Change" pot at 0%, the pattern still changes, usually within about 10 cycles. The manual seems to say that this shouldn't be the case. Does anyone else have this experience, or is it just my unit?
I find mine needs to have change set at about 10 o'clock before it provides noticible changes in a few mins or so.
My Euro Noisering change and chance are sensitive to the trim pot adjuster on the pcb. It adjusts the noise level at the chance and change inputs as well as the noise output. Maybe try turning it down a touch?
ok, forget that - it's changing now, it takes a while but it does. Much more than 10 cycles though but it's very uneven. It changes and then remains stable for minutes at an end.

I've given up trying to figure out what it is doing, just turn the knobs until something turns up smile
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