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Pedal demo by Bobby Bray of The Locust
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Author Pedal demo by Bobby Bray of The Locust
Bobby Bray of The Locust and Innerds made a small videoclip with his KOMA pedals.

It's motherfucking bacon yo

And this is what he wrote about them:

"Koma Elektronik makes modular stomp boxes which can be patched several different ways. I made this demo video using the FT201 Analog State Variable Filter / 10 Step Sequencer pedal, and the BD101 Analog Gate / Amplitude Modulation and Delay pedal. Both pedals have a light sensitive sensor which can be patched to control a number of parameters on either pedal, via Control Voltage (CV) input jacks. The sequencer also sends CV out.

These are some settings I like, which lead to compositional ideas. You can get self-generating sounds, play the sensors with your hands (or feet), and make electric Sitar sounds from Planet Zandar if you wish. Sometimes its great to just use the CV out of the sequencer to control the delay time of the delay pedal, without having audio processed by the filter/sequencer pedal at all. 4 minutes into the video I do just that, and although I note that the delay's sensor is controlling the filter's cutoff frequency, it wouldn't effect the audio signal becasue the audio signal isn't even going through the filter/sequencer - it's just being used as a CV output device.

These pedals take great ideas from the long history of modular synthesizers, and put it into analog stomp boxes - its the best of both worlds!"

What kind of patches do you guys think stand out?
Robert Moob
as it's a synth forum... for those, who don't know the locust: MY ASS IS BLEEDING

That demo is what made me order both units.
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