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MVIP synchronization (genlock, pulses, etc)?
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Author MVIP synchronization (genlock, pulses, etc)?
Hey all,

Sorry if this has already been asked, but I didn't find anything in a forum search....

I've gone on a little bit of an ebay splurge. I'm grabbing a bunch of NTSC broadcast equipment. Since it's obsolete now, it can be had very inexpensively with some patience! Anyway, I have a switcher/SEG, a standalone FOR.A effector, 3 TBC's, and one of those rad Panasonic dual DVCPRO VTR editing briefcases (genlockable grin) on the way...

I want to start adding modular stuff as soon as I can afford to. But I do already have access to smrl's killer LZX system, so I'm thinking of getting an MVIP (I already have an audio modular, so plenty of modulation signals).

I'd prefer to save the TBC's for cheap security/pinhole cameras, so I'm curious if the output of the MVIP gets synchronized (but delayed by a frame) to the input, or if there's any way to hack genlock (or sync pulses) into the encoder stage.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, videos certainly forthcoming... smile We've been able to do some absolutely amazing things with purely electronic (no cameras) feedback with SEG's and TBC's.

--Ross O.
The MVIP locks to it's input and the output is in sync, but delayed. Nowhere near a frame though. If you feed the output into a non-TBC input of an SEG or other synth modules locked to whatever went into the MVIP, you'll see a shift sideways of about 10%-15%.

If you use it as the final output, then you don't see any shift because the sync and video match. But if you try to feed it back into the system that provided the input to it, then you'll see a shift unless it goes in through a TBC.

Or you could feed something into it that is not locked to your system, and then lock your system to the output of the MVIP. That way you are basically locking the system to a delayed version of that original device (camera, DVD, etc...) The only drawback is that you have a specific thing always going into the MVIP.

Or split the system and have one set of devices locked to each other and feeding the MVIP, and then other stuff locked to the MVIP for further mixing.

But if you want everything into everything, you need to TBC it.
confused and in case anyone is unfamilar with the jargon...

TBC - Time Base Corrector

SEG - Special Fx Generator

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