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Hordijk 'Benjolin' workshop @ Rotterdam (NL) - May 13th 2012
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Author Hordijk 'Benjolin' workshop @ Rotterdam (NL) - May 13th 2012
I noted that on the upcoming 13th of May there will be one of the very anticipated Rob Hordijk 'Benjolin' DIY workshops.

Location: WORM, Rotterdam (NL). Event info:

The Benjolin is a ‘noise box’ that is ‘bent by design’, meaning that it always has a definite amount of unpredictability, while it is still intuitive to play.

In a one-day workshop, conducted by the buddies in electronic madness, Rob Hordijk and Joker Nies, participants will build a analogue sound-device, that is very different from what you usually will find with other DIY-kits.

The kit will ONLY be available through attending the workshop, it is not sold separately. The Benjolin DIY-kit will be easy enough to build even for a beginner in electronics. After successfully building the instrument, which is guaranteed with the help of Rob and Joker, the workshop participants will take home a versatile and very unique analogue synthesizer that can can influence the behaviour of other voltage-controlled modules through seven different control-voltages. It is also able to receive control-voltages for filter-frequency and both of it‘s oscillators.

I attended last year. Not only did I have a great time, I learned some basic soldering skills and ended up with a great little Hordijk device (essentially a 'Baby Blippoo Box'...)

All this, with skilled guidance and DIY materials all included, costs a mere 150 euros.
Now, this little Benjolin led me further down the dark path that's called RHD, but that's an entirely different story.... Anyway, this workshop comes highly recommended for the Wigglers! SlayerBadger!
Awesome! But... the date is rather painful; think my wife would replace the locks if I spent entire Mothers' day on it while leaving her with the kids ;)
"But it's mothersday everyday of the year, dear!" Mr. Green
I would love to go to that!
(bumping an ancient post never goes out of style)
Hi all,
My benjolin was built during this workshop, I know because it says so on the front plate. I am its third owner. and it works fine but bI noticed two of the inputs are not connected. I was wondering if there is someone on hete who built theirs during this workshop and could possibly enlighten me on the four inputs on this version of the benjolin. It says there is a gate input, a 1v per octave input, a rungler input and a filter input, but the gate input and the rungler input are not connected. Who knows where to connect these inputs?
I am going to build all the casper mods, but I was wondering if these are somehow different.
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