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PSU 0V link
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Author PSU 0V link
Hi, I'm about to install my second PSU which will require a 0V link with my existing unit. The new (compact) PSU has an Earth pad which is recommended in the user guide as a suitable connection point. The existing larger PSU has no such pad. What is a suitable location for connection of this link on the large PSU board. I'm guessing it could be at R13 but guess work isn't really good enough for this is it !
Cheers !
The CPSU is different to the PSU. There is an 'earth' connection on the PSU, it's the bottom mounting hole, but it's wired differently and isn't designed for a 0V reference.

If you have used the Yamaha power supply (or internal mains transformer with a tapped single secondary) the place to connect your ground link would be to the currently unused 0V2 pad on the power inlet terminal of the PSU board. See page 12 of the PSU's User Manual (V2.3.1).

If you have used a proper (big scary) internal mains transformer with two secondaries it's probably best to use either one of the 0V terminals on the PSU's OP1 or OP2 pads.

Thanks Tony, I guessed that guessing wasn't a safe bet hmmm.....
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