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Shift Mgr. question
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Author Shift Mgr. question
I've lost track of exactly what is connected to what (and how) and I don't have the patience or time to take everything apart again.

But I'm wondering what goes INTO shift mgr. Does Time Buffer plug into it or is it just the *store that is slaved to a particular Shift Mgr channel that connects to a given Mgr.?

Reason I ask is that I'm considering buying a 2nd Mgr. to control the 4th module that I have (Volt Store) and would like to leverage the shift counting to reset (to step 1) other modules such as a q119, or use it as a clock divider.

Is this possible or are the 4 or 5 pins that connect the Shift Mgr to a module ONLY used to send ticks of the clock from *store to Shift Mgr and then turn a 'return to step 1' signal after x number of steps go by.

Make sense? Thanks.
the Shift Manager is just a place to put the controls that didn't fit on the Mini-Store panels themselves.

so basically you have one shift manager mated to up to three ministore units.

the shift manager tells the ministore 2 things:
- state of "At End" switch
- state of "Number of Stages" rotary switch

it also has the jacks for stage one input and output.

so yeah this is a perfect use of a shift manager. you will have to specify which version of the Mini-Store you're connecting it to, because there is a through-hole version and an SMT version.
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