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Midiverter Issue:
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Author Midiverter Issue:
Kendall Station
I've got a question about teh midiverterz.

I am either using it with Logic or my MPC. Sometimes at the end of the gate (midi note) the tone will end by jumping quickly to another for a split second. If I recalibrate the midiverter sometimes it goes away or just resets so the 'note-off' tone it at a different freq.

any ideas? pretty sure it has something to do with the 'note off' but not sure how to disable that.

Kendall Station
wowee, thx guys.

seems to be midi notes under C1 kinda give it a hernia..... transposing all up above seems to work fine.
Hey - I haven't been able to reproduce this. Notes C0-C1 all seem fine for me. I've checked with a Roland PCR300 and with Cubase via an Elektron TM-1.

How sure are you that this was the cause of the weirdness?
Kendall Station
huh, odd....still don't know what it is....anything under C1 from the MPC or Logic still gives it the hiccups... hitting the configure button or what have you only sets the hiccup pitch differently.
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