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Planning an Oakley normalized monosynth
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Author Planning an Oakley normalized monosynth
I was originally planning to build a non-patchable 4U or 5U synth, but I've been inspired by the synthpeasant's amazing suitcases and decided to try and build a normalised patchable synth in a suitcase instead.
The idea would be that the synth is hardwired like a minimoog without patch cables, but that I can go nuts when I feel like it.
I've ordered this suitcase: 8-
And here is a first rough draft of the front panel.
I'm kind of hesitating between the CV tools/processor( non-Oakley ) which is an attenuverter + offset + buffered multiples, or a Versatile Ramp Generator.

Having two filters is a bit greedy, I love the sound of the croglin but also want something more versatile and the DSL sounds gorgeous too.

This looks Rad! Sorry I don't have any feedback, but please keep us updated with your progress
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