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Oakley lag track 1v per oct pitch perfectly? need a slew lim
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Author Oakley lag track 1v per oct pitch perfectly? need a slew lim
Hi all!

Doe sthe Oakley lag in EURO format, track 1v per octave perfectly in linear mode?

I'm looking for a slew limiter that works perfectly with 1v per oct midi/cv converters.

I also heard that no slew limiters with seperate up and down can track 1v per oct perfectly. True or false?
There is no official Oakley Lag in a Euro format. However, I believe that Paul at Krisp1 made a few units but these were essentially a standard 5U Little-Lag PCB behind a Euro or Frac faceplate.

The Little-Lag can be used in linear mode without appreciable unwanted offsets so can be used without affecting pitch stability.

In its exponential (called log on some panel designs) mode you will get offsets and the amount of error will increase with longer lag times. Most designs directly using the front panel pots to control lag time will suffer from these sorts of errors when operated in their expo modes.

The Little-Lag is now deleted since it has now been replaced by the lag section on the EFG-Deluxe and the voltage controlled version of it called the VRG.

The VRG does not generate significant errors in its expo mode except at very large lag times. The VRG is not yet available in Euro although one is planned.

More details on the Little-Lag can be found at:

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