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Spock ?
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Author Spock ?
hey guys
I was reading about Spock from intellijel. I found this video of some one using the module with video signals . Any idea what its is actually doing in these clips ?
Spock is a Logic module similar to Doepfer A-166 and the upcoming Video Logic. It is CMOS based so it will perform much better than the Doepfer for video-rate purposes, but won't quite get pixel-fast edges like the upcoming LZX logic module will.

Boolean logic features usually involve AND, OR, XOR and Invert functions. Combining them in different patches can create more combinations (like patching to invert before a logic input will produce NAND, NOR, XNOR functions, etc.)

You'd use these features to combine shapes, keys, and other "flat" logic signals in complex ways. XOR is especially interesting for video. The LZX Video Logic has the added feature of video-rate comparators on the inputs. So you can use each input as a keyer of sorts -- if you sum 2 signals together before sending it to the input, you can get your key source + key modulation CV at the input (Triple Video Processor is great for this.)
Good reading here:
in those clips, the Spock is mostly being used to combine 2 or more oscillator outputs to create complex shapes.

Spock is a really great pickup for video systems. Although the upcoming LZX module is more capable and higher quality, Spock does a very admirable job at video rates.
This is all very good news, because I already own a Spock!
The Spock is great for Scottish tartan patterns. any easy way to have fun on really small systems, especially if you don't have a vbm yet. It needs to be boosted by the video bridge to 5v to get it to work. The 1v from the lzx is too low for its vulcan logic.
how about plog dogg's ?
IIRC, the plog doesn't use CMOS logic, which means it's much less suited for video purposes.
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