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4 mix with vco
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Author 4 mix with vco
I am looking to use the 4 mix with each vco and hard wire behind the panels so I can mix waveforms. Question I have is if I leave the 4 mix jacks in place can I also use them as inputs so long as I add 4 more pots for the vcoI? Also want to do this for the vcfs so I have control on the depth of modulation for freq and reason.
Yes, you can do this if you use the NC lugs on your input sockets. On the Fourmix the NC lugs are currently used with the bias voltages on inputs 3 and 4, and ground on inputs 1 and 2. If you are not using the Sock6 board then simply wire the NC lugs to the VCO outputs as desired.

Note that NC lugs do have a tendency to bleed slightly into the inputs when a jack is inserted. This is because the signal connected to the NC lug is in close proximity to the input even when it is switched out. It's pretty small though, and really only affects high frequencies, so shouldn't be too much of a problem in most cases.

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