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TM3030 midi out spec ?
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Author TM3030 midi out spec ?
I have been looking through the docs but can't find any info on the midi out.
Does any processing occur on it ( like removing the messages from the input channel ) or is it a midi - thru ?
And is there any measurable clock skew introduced by using it in a midi chain ?
( I have just started my dual TM3030 build so can't test for myself quite yet ).
lysander wrote: it a midi - thru ?

It is just a simple midi through. It's generated by the TM3030's PIC so it is not simply a buffered version of the midi input like on the midiDAC for example. Because it is a 'soft-thru' there is potential for some additional functionality perhaps in the future but nothing is planned yet.

As for throughput skew I have not measured it. I did ask Colin (at Sequentix) about it a while ago and he said that the PIC will not produce appreciable skew although the opto-coupler might.

Great thanks for the quick answer !
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