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TV test/repair equipment help: LGC-388 Color Bar Generator
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Author TV test/repair equipment help: LGC-388 Color Bar Generator
I bought this on a whim at a swap meet a few years ago.

I don't know much at all about video synth gear, what the heck does it do?
gated rainbow!
gun killer!
it creates the different patterns listed on the front. It would be used typically for calibrating equipment. I believe the trigger out is a sync signal.

The gun killer turns off the red, green, or blue signal. This is very useful for calibrating monitors. With traditional color bars it's easier to set chroma if you are only viewing the blue channel (or "gun" in a crt).
Here's a manual for it:
gated rainbow, what does this mean?
A rainbow signal is where they use one oscillator to make the burst (color reference in the sync) and another slightly different frequency oscillator to make the chroma for the image. That causes a continuous color shift across the screen.

A gated rainbow is where they blank out the rainbow with black bars so it looks sort of like color bars with black bars between each color. Except it's not real color bars since each color is still shifting within a given bar. And the colors are based on percentage of phase shift rather than spaced appropriately for the true colors.
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