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Open Frameworks learning curve?
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Author Open Frameworks learning curve?
I'm thinking about learning Open Frameworks but I'm somewhat afraid of the amount of work this entails. I've done some work with Processing but I couldn't really get to like it and became especially frustrated about it's clumsiness when it comes to play movie files.

Can anybody report on how steep the learning curve of Open Frameworks is? I have no experience with C or C++ but I'm a decent SuperCollider Programmer.
It is designed for people who already know C++, so you will find the learning curve substantially steeper than with Processing. Processing is designed for people who have never programmed anything before. OF is designed for programmers with C++ skills already to make the visual/video side of things easier. There are tricks to getting smooth video in Processing. It certainly doesn't like quicktime movies, but I've gotten good performance by loading image sequences. You get better direct control over playback as well.
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