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KOMA Summer Sale!
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Author KOMA Summer Sale!

Just so all of you know in time and are not missing out:

We decided to do a super summer sale! Yay!

On sale are the KOMA BD101, the analog Gate / Delay and the KOMA FT201, an analog Filter / 10 Step Sequencer. So whether you are planning to spend your summer in the studio, on a beachparty or jammin' the streets of your city: KOMA to the rescue! It's just this week (untill June 7th) and only in our own webstore!

The deal:
For European customers: € 299 per pedal incl. VAT and free shipping inside the EU, for International customers: € 268,06 per pedal incl. flat rate shipping. More information:!

Have a great summer!

It's motherfucking bacon yo w00t nanners
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