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Powering one module for testing? (paia 9700 series)
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Author Powering one module for testing? (paia 9700 series)
I was wondering if there is a way to temporarily hook up the power supply that comes with the 9700s system to just one module aside from the midi2cv for testing purposes? my midi2cv came with the wrong pcb and i'll be waiting for the new one for a few weeks. anxious to see if i've got the module im working on (vco) working correctly!

any help would be appreciated. baby steps too, please. this is my first big project!

Dead Banana
should be no problem
although be careful to get +V to + input, -V to - input and ground to ground (0V)
also check the outputs of the power supply are what you expect them to be (+/-15V?)
Also - a very important test for any newly built module; before connecting the power, Use a multimeter to check there are no shorts between the +V rail and the -V rail, +V rail and ground, then -V rail and ground.

You will get a lot better responses to your build questions by asking them in the Music Tech DIY forum.
I might be completely wrong here, but isn't the PAIA 9700s power on the midi2cv board? If I'm right, and you don't have the midi2cv board right now, then I don't think you can without an alternate power supply.

but I might be completely wrong because I don't use that power
yes the power starts at the midi2cv for the whole 9700s just confused about whether it is going through a circuit to regulate the power for the other modules in the rack or if it was arbitrary which module got tied to the power supply first.
I am almost sure that the midi2cv board has the rectification part of the power supply, the part with diodes that converts it from AC to DC. You need it to power the dual vco, unless you have an alternate power supply.
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