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4mix range
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Author 4mix range
As you know I am using the summer section of the 4 mix to blend waveforms from the vcos. As expected it overloads the mixer so only about 10% of the pot travel is useable. Can I fix this with log pots or should I add trimmers between the vcos and the 4 mix inputs? The trimmers would not be active if you jack in as I'm tapping the nc jack on the waveform outputs. Is there a better way? Had not though this through well enough apparently.
It would be a pity to use the 4mix not to distort sound smile
You could use a real (non clipping) mixer : oakley's multimix for example.
It's worth having a few attenuating leads made up. A couple of resistors in the lead to give say a 10 to 1 attenuation. They're also useful for when you want fine control from an LFO or similar. If you need a schematic I'm sure somebody can post one. Not sure I have the skills.
what do you think of the log pot idea? Think it would do the job to spread out the range some?
The Fourmix's main output won't distort unless the output level goes above +/-12V or so. Now with four +/5V inputs this is likely to happen if any three are added together at full blast.

However, most modules are expecting +/-5V at their inputs so generally you would want to keep the output of the mixer at around this level. This would mean cutting the input levels to 25% of their normal output if you wanted to have all running at the same time. Feeding the NC lugs of the mixer with a 56K resistor should pot the signal down enough to do this. But this then doesn't allow you to deliberately overdrive the connected module with only one waveform selected.

Log pots would work well if they actually were log pots but most log pots aren't. But you could try 100K log pots if you wish.

I'd be tempted to try using 220K or 470K linear pots. The wiper of the 220K or 470K linear pots will be loaded by the 33K input resistors of the mixer. This will change the law of the linear pot to approximate that of a real log pot.

I'll give the 220k pots a try. I don't want to be able to overload at this point. I have the output of the three 4-mixes then going to a 4th four mix to mix all the other mixers together. I can overload there. Ii also have an over drive module in the rack. Talk about massive unison! I reserved the fourth channel of the final mixer for the noise module.
Das good!
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