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Various pieces of equipment I've picked up.
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Author Various pieces of equipment I've picked up.
Hello all, clearing out a media facility recently I pulled out the 3 units pictured amongst a load of other stuff. I was keen to keep it as I have a long term plan to get involved with some video synthesis although it may be pie in the sky now as I barely have time to write music. Anyway I'd like to know anyones opinion on the 3 units. I dont think they're anything revolutionary but my knowledge in this area is very limited. I may sell them, if so I'll list them in the for sale area.
Pictured is

Sony BVR-55p remote control unit
Hamlet videoscope 301
Lectropacks time based corrector
the sony remote is probably useless without the corresponding processing unit. I see this on ebay all the time, just the remote for sale and the actual unit is no where to be found. strange.

the second unit might actually be pretty cool, anyone seen it before? looks like it might be some kind of signal to waveform oscilloscope kind of thing?

the bottom, well it appears to be a TBC. if you need one, you will know it. it can help "clean up" crappy video signals and such, and appears to be the standard time base corrector with frame synchronizer, given the genlock adjust, which means you can use it to sync up non-genlock gear into a setup that needs genlocked sources. like if you had an old production switcher and hooked 2 modern cameras into it, you would get issues where the picture would roll or maybe no be right, without hooking one of these up btwn the camera and the switcher. good thing to have around if you are getting into esoteric video gear. I'm sure others can chime in the more technical knowledge.
Thanks for that. I figured the videoscope might be interesting.
I think the remote control is for a Sony BetaCam tape deck. Without that, it's pretty useless.

The Hamlet is basically a waveform monitor and vectorscope that doesn't have it's own display tubes, but instead creates video images of the scopes and superimposes them onto the video that you are monitoring. Useful for monitoring the video levels and chroma of a video signal, but I suspect the display won't be all that exciting beyond that. Still, it's a good piece to have since a waveform monitor and vectorscope are both useful items in any studio.

I'm not familiar with Lektropacks. And I'm not sure why there would be a brightness and contrast control for the genlock input. It must not just be used as a TBC reference. As a reference you would only care about the sync portion of the signal, so hue would matter but not brightness contrast.

Plus I'm guessing the "Color" knob is color level, which again isn't an issue for a reference signal. My only guess is that the genlock input is also going back out a second output and the controls are like Proc-Amp controls so you can adjust that signal before it goes to other devices.
hmmm...if you could get that waveform monitor/vectorscope to display on screen, i wonder what feedback would look like eek!
barto wrote:
hmmm...if you could get that waveform monitor/vectorscope to display on screen, i wonder what feedback would look like eek!

I have a similar hamlet unit its quite fun
Now for sale in muffs For sale thread.
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