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Proper operation of ADSR
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Author Proper operation of ADSR
I just want to make sure my ADSRS are working as they should. When I have a sereis of gate impulses from an arpegio feeding my adsrs, no matter how far I reduce the adsr controls, there is always a little tick heard. I can eliminate it obviously by adding some Attack but I want to make sure that is correct. This happens in fast and slow and loop.

I did do the trimmer and gain adjusts and I was able to minimize the 100hz to nearly nothing. This almost sounds like a dc offset making a thump thump. It also happens on both of the units I built so I want to make sure it is the way it should be in terms of operation.

It is only noticeable when I use an external sequencer throug the midi convertor to the gate and the sequence is around or greater than 100bpm.
If I trigger it with a single key I don't notice it.
My ADSR does that - but remember if you chop a round waveform there will always be a tiny transient from the sharp edge.

I suppose in theory if you could sync your oscillators to a gate signal then the wave could start at 0V and avoid the click. Not tried this though.
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