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Blacet MIDI->CV converter
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Author Blacet MIDI->CV converter
i believe this is brand new:

MIDI Converter

Compact, accurate MIDI to CV Gate and Sequencer control converter.

- CV (12 bit DAC)
- Gate
- Pitchbend (12 bit DAC)
- Velocity (12 bit DAC)
- Assignable CC (12 bit DAC)
- Clock out that gives 16ths (suitable for the HZ)
- Seq gate out (high when seq playing, low when seq stopped)
- Seq reset (momentary high when seq reset)
- 10 note buffer
- re-trigger on note release and new note played
- learn midi channel
- learn C0
- learn CC
- responds to sustain pedal (on CC64) when pedal is pressed all notes are held on
- responds to a received midi panic
- pushing more than 10 notes simultaneously on the controller keyboard triggers an internal midi panic
- PB range adjustable using CC119
- midi channel, C0, assigned CC and PB range stored in non-volatile memory

also some small changes to the Blacet modular lineup, including the mixer/splitter bundle. john is a champ.
parasitk smile
oops. it was not on the front page when i looked a couple days ago... or i was timewarping again... anyway, nice addition to the blacet family, yea john!

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