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another proposal for a SOS expansion
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Author another proposal for a SOS expansion
im just messing around with the sos and im amazed at how clean this thing can sound if you get all the settings right which is not easy. im still trying to understand how this thing works:

- here is the original specs description from princeton: PT2399 is an echo audio processor IC utilizing CMOS Technology which is equipped with ADC and DAC, high sampling frequency and an internal memory of 44K Digital processing. PT2399 boast of very low distortion (THD<0.5%) and very low noise (No<-90dBV), thus producing high quality audio output.

high sampling frequency of what? 44khz/16 bit? low noise? ummh, yes, sometimes.

anyways so for me the most interesting feature is the feedback loop, if you run it through saturation devices or filters. so here is my idea for an expansion box:

- a few transistors, diodes, ics or other simple "passive" soundmangling devices that you can patch into the SOS. complete with attenuators

- ie. i have a treble booster for guitar from the 60s and that is just one transitor with a battery and a few condensers. its a really good high pass filter with saturation. a few devices like that, f(h) is a specialist for this kind of processing.

this should turn the sos into many different destructive delays.
here is a track with what this could sound like, the SOS is the main player. thats two fairly clean delay lines SOS with a) a korgasmatron hpf in the feedback loop, thats the smooth delay and b) the stg mix in the feedback loop, thats the transistor distortion heavy sound. the delay times are slightly different. enjoy!

nobody digs the idea of a sos feedback loop expansion unit? ill build it myself if i have to. any diy electronic experts around? so we can discuss what could go in there ..
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