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Rutt Etra Meets Kinect
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Author Rutt Etra Meets Kinect

nanners cool!

Interesting. The edges of objects seem to have more accentuated depth than I would have expected. But I guess that's good for triggering video games.
it may have to do with my implementation.... i feel there is much more work to be done here.

this was just a quick sketch.
interesting, I think better results could be made by putting out the depth map and doing it via lzx modules, because of the higher framerate etc.

Also, consider using openframeworks with PCL library to segment and filter the point cloud data to reduce the noisy edges etc

Man, I would love a video-rate module that creates normal-maps from depth maps (you could make your own) and also some module that would allow you to rotate depth maps and also light geometry.
of course it would look beter through LZX smile
i plan to buy a video modular, but i can't justify the cost right now.

however, this setup, while short in terms of resolution (not framerate, i can run in very high framerates, but at the cost of resolution and precision), allows me to run 2 to 3 scopes from ordinary 8 out soundcard. i also believe there are some looks that are unique to this kind of setup.

i will have to deal with the edges in jitter as i use maxmsp. and i don't deal with point cloud as such, i use depth map. but as i said, i think it has to do with how i hacked it. i believe it will be better in few days. and in the end, i have to say i really like how all these mistakes look. i can always get the nice polished look using kinect with one of the many available software solutions.
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