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Morphing Terrarium versus Wiard Mini-Wave?
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Author Morphing Terrarium versus Wiard Mini-Wave?
I have a couple of extra spaces in a Frac Rack and was thinking of picking up a wavetable module. Looks like Blacet is out of the Morphing Terrarium, but he said he would do another run this summer. Other than then fact that the Mini-Wave is cheaper, just wondering if anybody has any thoughts on how they compare?
The Mini-Wave is a wavetable lookup device.
It needs to be driven by a sawtooth oscillator.
This also allows its use as a quantizer or distortion.
You can select whichever PROMs you like to put in it.

The Morphing Terrarium can't be used as a processor,
and it has its own set of waves and sounds.
People often praise it for its smooth morphing between waves.
I have both.

I'm still not sold on the f350. It sounds great. The samples, vids, etc.. speak for themselves. Still, I quite often have a hard time blending the sounds. They feel very "shiny". It's one of those things that's hard to define.

On the other hand, the mini-wave I've loved since day one. The quantizer bank alone is worth it. The waves sound very raw.
They are very different sounding modules. As said above, the miniwave has a more raw, gritty sound. The f350 on the other hand is fantastic for smooth bell-like timbres, and is great at sharp, metallic FM sounds.

Here's a demo of f350 doing FM:


And the main sequence running through this piece is f350:

another way to think about it is that miniwave is 8bit by purpose where the 350 is something higher..maybe 12? also by purpose. 350 is much cleaner and made to interpolate. miniwave will not interpolate though there are some chips that make it seem interpolated. miniwave is much more flexible. 350 can be a very freaky lfo. you should probably make room for both.
Thanks for the feedback! Solitaryzen - I love the tracks you posted. I'll probably end up going with the 350. I wouldn't mind getting both but I only have 2 spots left in the Frackrack and I was also hoping to get a 340. (I'm thinking about adding another Eurorack at some point, though, so maybe I can get a mini wave in that format at some point.)
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