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Tyme Sefari Overdub
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Author Tyme Sefari Overdub
Apologies if this is a dumb question...but can you overdub with the Tyme Sefari? eg. Can I record a phrase (or whatever) then add a layer on top (sound on sound style) and control the amount of the previous layer with the Feedback control?

I'm still hoping someone will do a definitive beautiful video demo of it, talking through all the functions and some of the possibilities (Felix?! we're not worthy ) Or is there one around that I've missed? There are some amazing audio demo's, and some lovely short taster vid's, but a full (ish) breakdown would be amazing...its one of those modules that I've totally had the lust for since it appeared, but it's priced outside that impulse buy bracket and until PostModular gets a showroom together, there's nowhere I can play with one in the UK! d'oh!
yes you can; play and rec are totally independent on this unit :-)
I know I've promised a demo for this one for a while, but things have been so busy at work that my weekend is my "decompression" period and I haven't had a focus to on preparing a video. Hopefully soon though.

You can do sound-on-sound, just as you described, however I'll make one correction in that the Feedback control will control the level of the previous layers. Once you have more than one layer recorder, their combined volume will be controlled by the Feedback amount.

Sorry if that didn't actually need clarification.
Thanks for the replies gents - just what I wanted to hear w00t

Felix - I wasn't trying to put any more pressure on you man, I'm madly busy at the moment too, so I know what its like to need steam release time. I only mentioned it cos your demo's are the coolest I've seen (the sole reason I bought the Vulcan) and an amazing contribution to the community. If you get time to make any more, that'd be awesome, if not, then thats cool too. Guinness ftw!
No worries, no pressure added, and thanks for the kind words!
I must say at MINIMUM..... trigger sequencer stages to a mult...... to an envelope then to the play toggle switch gets instant sick sequencing with this thing, not to mention a 2nd sequence locked to the first sequence controlling the sample frequency. I had this patch going last night with a metalbox 8008 booming thru a plague bearer and a vc divider to square it up.... KAFUKINGBOOM! Working on sync'ng this setup with my 606 tonight for an instantly sick drum machine. And Felix... we can't wait! smile
I've been eying up the Moog MP-201 foot controller to use with the Tyme Sefari - anyone try that out?
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