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Triggerhappy - rhythm generator
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Author Triggerhappy - rhythm generator
Thanks for keeping this going guys!
wow been a while

Yes post it here by all means
there's a GitHub page ? when did that happen lol
I did do another board version long ago with 3 extra inputs but it's in limbo
I got seriously sidetracked and really don't have the time to debug it or the programming skills to make use of the extra inputs. was thinking table selection for fills and cv'able output muting where the muting is progressive
if anyone wants to have go they are welcome to try I have some spare board sets somewhere here just send me a PM, probably will be mission fail but if someone is willing to try and get this board version running it would be nice.
Oh, sh*t :oops:
I confused trigger happy with "temps utile" regarding the github and username, sorry diablojoy!
My fault.
That's ok
if anyone wants to post code improvements then please post them here.
Triggerhappy Redux prototype

Here's the short list:

v1.05 -> v1.06
- added support for TM1637 based display boards (that have 4 digits)
- bug fix for saving and loading. EEPROM supports 1024 bytes max (Uno) and thus will only 10 presets fit in memory. Introduction of const int saveSlotMax that contains last selectable preset no.
- added turnaround for preset save and load number. Going up from saveSlotMax (9) will select 0 instead of staying at 9 and going down from 0 will select saveSlotMax (9) instead of staying at 0

I will be creating a Github repo as soon as possible, and even include older versions (for educational purposes :-))

Edit: Github repository is located at:
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Music Tech DIY Goto page Previous  1, 2, 3 ... 15, 16, 17 [all]
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