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Post pics of your Wiard!
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Author Post pics of your Wiard!
causticlogic wrote:
drumsofd00m wrote:
Alas Rico, what did you do. ...?!? seriously, i just don't get it

My thoughts exactly.
Of course I should talk. I sold my 12 module system a while ago...
But as of this week it sounds like I'm buying a portion of it back! This is fun! w00t

Interesting, you missed it so much?
Well, partly that and the guy I sold it to is selling it. He was originally going to keep some it, but a few weeks later decided to part with all of it.
I can only afford 3 modules at the moment so I am starting with a Waveform City, Omni Filter, and Dual Envelator. I'm also getting the Hinton PSU he has.
Eventually, I will probably make it into a 6 module system and add the new controller.
Of course, I'd like to see Cary release more awesome Wiardness and make me want to expand, but we'll see how that goes.

now with the 311 controller! Bryan did some great work, i love the adapter for the 311 controller( i should've cleaned it's underside before putting it in though, lol. damn finger prints!!

The classic vco i just got i think is an older hand screened one, it doesn't have the arrows liek the other one i've got has, and a little different labelling.
Ole skool with new controller. White module is Tellun verb, ready for the engraver. 311C is awesome. CARY DOES NICE WORK!
Just made the jump today.
Wish me luck!

looks good, congrats!
Mine's in a 6U flightcase right now, should get a new DIY studio rack finished in a few days and move the frame and PSU there together with everything else...

Because every Wiard needs a blue / turquoise studio rack.

Love those blues, keep growing people! Guinness ftw!
Flts, I will visit your system very soon. smile
this thread needs more system pics, don't be so boring wiardos grin
thesnow wrote:
this thread needs more system pics, don't be so boring wiardos grin

Please help my GAS tank explode. Dead Banana help
some picture of mine Miley Cyrus

@flts you have bantam/jack patch cables ?
@wyrtti, be my guest! smile

davidh wrote:
@flts you have bantam/jack patch cables ?

I bought the first module (WFC) used from a fellow wiggler - it came equipped with Bantam jacks and he had ordered a big bunch of Bantam to 3,5mm adapter cables from Graham Hinton so those were included in the deal. When I ordered the rest of modules from Cary 2 years ago, I also ordered some Bantam to 1/4" cables, and later bought some more from an eBay seller. So I think I'm set for life with format conversion.

That black 1U panel row in your system looks great - is it DIY or custom job from someone? Am I right in assuming that it consists of some bantam-minijack converters, passive attenuators, multiples and/or similar utility stuff? I decided to buy an used Bantam/TT patchbay from a fellow wiardo and rewire it for similar stuff.

the black 1U is DIY, there are jack/bantam adaptator, passiv attenuators, some multiples, but also mods (gate and LFO mod for the331c),
I still have empty slots where I will add a passive ring mod, and other passive circuits, pseudo lpg, gate To trig
I want to see nelson baboon's wiard 300
okay, that's the last module for the rack for now.

I can't believe I haven't posted to this
thread before, since I've had my Wiard 300
system for quite a while now. Oh well, here
she is in one recent configuration:
IIRC, mfirman, you brought your entire Wiard 300 and 1200 rigs to AHMW several years ago, right? I have a vivid memory of a Giorgio Moroder tune ("The Chase?") being played on this... wall of blinking lights.
I did bring it to AHMW a few times over the
years. Not sure there were any specific Giorgio Moroder
tunes done on it at these times, but there were probably
some nice Moroder-like sounds emanating from it I'm sure.
It turns out that often, when I bring it out to sync meets
(such as KnobCon and AHMW), a lot of folks don't really
know what they are seeing/hearing. There is often a complete
lack of interest (everyone wants to see/hear the latest
Eurorack module, or Buchla, or Arp clone). The same thing
has happened with the Serge when I've dragged it out. I think
folks just don't know what it's all about. I've stopped
displaying it in public for this reason. Nothing wrong with
Euro, Buchla, or Arp, but I was a little taken aback by
the profound disinterest.
I've been guilty of that in the past; sometimes, the tech would be overwhelming, and I'd feel bad for using it when better-sussed people were waiting to have a go confused
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