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Projection live: LZX+M8+2 projectors
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Author Projection live: LZX+M8+2 projectors

I am engaged in a pretty ambitious project technically (for me!) and I was wondering if any of you could have good advices. I realize that this could be a particular situation but I'm giving it a shot.

I need to use my LZX live through Modul8, and project the result using two projectors. The thing is that I am using a Matrox Mini in my Thunderbolt port in order to digitize the LZX signals, so I don't have any other port for the projectors, and I believe that a USB adapter would not be powerful enough to support two projectors. I was thinking of sending the signal to another computer from which I would plug the two projectors... Does that sound realistic?

If yes, what do you suggest as adapter to split the video signal on two projectors? And do you know if my Matrox Mini can import my LZX signal in the same time as sending a signal from one computer to another? Is there any other way of connecting two computers?

Thank you for your advice, any informations could help.

hmmm. perhaps you could find a way to get your footage in via firewire to free up your thunderbolt port (assuming you only have one)? i do a similar thing only going through arkaos nuvj. i have my LZX going into a canopus advc 110 then into my firewire port. i then have my display port going to a scan converter which can simultaneously output composite, svideo, and vga. my 2 projectors also have a monitor out if i use vga which serves as a loop through.
agree with Barto. that seems like your best bet. You can also use any firewire camera with an AV input instead of the canopus. We did this for an event this weekend:

SD video signal via firewire into Modul8; DVI out via thunderbolt; split across two projectors using a Matrox Triple Head 2 Go (an awesome, and affordable tool for this purpose).
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