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New 'scope...
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Author New 'scope...
Hi all,
I just picked up a new (old) oscilloscope in the hope it will serve me for some vector rescanning.

Had a read of the manual and the only thing I can see with regards to the Z Axis input is that is says:
"Intensity is modulated at voltages of 20Vp-p or higher"
It's a Trio 15mhz CS1560A.

The full manual and schematic is here -

Obviously I will be testing this out, but does it look like I will need to significantly amplify the Z axis input?
Much love.
The intensity input is going straight to a pin on the tube, except for a capacitor in between.

So yeah, 20-30 volts p-p sounds reasonable.
Yes, you probably will need to amplify it and you probably won't be able to modulate the full brightness. But if you turn off all the lights in the room and have a camera with exposure control, having a dimmer output may not matter as much. Most scopes seem to respond to 20-30Vpp brightness signals, whereas most "vector displays" like the Tektronix 620, etc. seem to respond to the same voltage scale on X, Y & Z inputs which is more ideal.
Thanks guys, appreciate you sharing such specialist knowledge It's motherfucking bacon yo
Still saving for my lzx order, loving what Ive got happening with the modular and synchronator though smile
Lemme know if you're ever in Australia - beer + AV jam
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