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Introducing ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer
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Author Introducing ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer
Hello all,
sorry for the delay, will now try to reply to all questions below.

1. cv outs 1-4, xy out and filter +- outs
All these are CV outputs of the algorithm.
CV outs 1-4 are the outputs used to control the 4 VCA's
XY CV out is the output of the sound positioning in cartesian coordinates, which are a mirror of the xy inputs in the cartesian mode but different when in Polar mode.
filter +- outs are CV outputs that on spatialization algorithms are used to add reverb or low pass when the sound get further away from the center.
it's close to what bjorn mentions but the best way to do it is to send the audio source to be spatialized through a a VC reverb or LPF before feeding it to the audio and using the Filter +- to control the wet dry of the effect.
the - output is proportional inverted to the + output.

2. 1/8 jacks and 1/4 jack are mirrored outputs so they send out the same audio but the 1/4 jacks makes it easier to plug straight to audio mixers or speakers.

3. a manual will come out closer to the final release date as well as more info.

i hope i was clear!

all the very best
what is the HP on this?
Paranormal Patroler
14HP according to my calculations.
uhhhhhh has anyone received their beta version yet?

seriously, i just don't get it
Paranormal Patroler
No, not yet.
Hi Andre, really want to get one of these, but right now financial I can't, however I have a question. Theoretically, would it be possible to make an expansion module to make it octaphonic? So, add z modulation as well as x & y?

Could be cool to have an octaphonic 803 connected to marble physics... Oh man, now I need 8 speakers...

Edit: marble physics is only x & y too, I seemed to have imagined it was a ball bouncing in a 3d space. Another expansion module? thumbs up
Is there a manual yet for this module? I just got my hands on one and want to get it all sorted quickly.
Been great so far!
this is melting my face with awesome.
I saw manual with animation
just kick ass as hell!
great module i am sure i will work with it sooner or latter
Andre (or anyone else), what is the current draw on this thing?

Soon, it will be enriching my patches This is fun!
Paranormal Patroler
So jealous! Mr. Green
ADDAC System
KNYST wrote:
Andre (or anyone else), what is the current draw on this thing?


This module draws around 150mA on the posivtive raill and 100mA on the negative raill.

All the best,
Addac Team
Guinness ftw!

Added to modular grid thumbs up
Paranormal Patroler
I purchased a second pair of monitors, so I'm officially on the prowl for one of these hihi
Hello all,

Brief post to announce new videos for the 803!

all the very best

Part 1:

Part 2:

Webpage: patializer
Paranormal Patroler
I hope these don't run scarce again! hyper
Thanks Andre - nice examples thumbs up

(still love my 803)
I've got one coming to me and can't wait to try it out. So amazingly useful.
The 803 arrived and it's every bit as wonderful as I'd hoped. For me it will take a while to sculpt sound using the 803 as it's a powerful new layer to add to my imagination. Anyone have any examples to share?
Laurent G.
I discover Addac more and more and thoses products fill my needs. My bank account bleed.
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