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ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer
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Author ADDAC803 Quadraphonic Spatializer
OMFG !! Maybe this is not news to anyone, but I just ran across this for the first time today; ic-spatializer

OMFG!!! This is EXACTLY what I've been wishing existed, plus some!! I'm _really_ looking forward to the release of this module. I've been looking at buying a group of modules that could be patched up to do more or less exactly what this does, so I'm really pleased to see all of the functionality combined in one place. Amazing!
That is super cool. I want 2.
damn if I was doing ambient, I would sell any other panning module in my rack!
Paranormal Patroler
Ok, you bastards, who has this? I need some inside info before I take the plunge. 8_)
I'm going to grab one very soon hyper

by the way, I was lucky enough to get to plug my modular into a 3rd order ambisonic system yesterday (that was the tipping point for me obviously) 16 speaker cube, ambisonic reverb - it was pretty incredible!
Is this made for hooking up to 4 individual speakers/monitors? I'd love to see a demo or to hear from any owners.
Hello all,

Brief post to announce new videos for the 803!

all the very best

Part 1:

Part 2:

Webpage: patializer
How would you compare this to Koma Poltergeist. It seems it has more spatial features like distance for example? Or XY?
Paranormal Patroler
Poltergeist does four channels without summing to mono. This sums two channels to mono, but it's cheaper, and has the XY outputs which are extremely useful.
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