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Ordered another rack and a half
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Author Ordered another rack and a half
Thought I would do an update on this as I've sought advice here a few times, I started with

2 x VCO
micro LFO
2 xEG
Improbability Drive
Quad VCA
Dual linear VCA
3 x multi/attenuators

Noise ring
Boogie Filter
Borg2 filter

Wave Multiplier
2 x 3P mixers

I've just ordered,


Miniwave (with Scale Quantizer and GR-PPG/VS ROMs)
Window Comparetor
Scanner/Seq switch


Ladder Filter

also an Ad Infinitum 19 inch multiple

I already have the last Oakley Lag and will order the Oakley ring mod.

I think I need a lie down now.
Great additions! This is a killer system, but no metalbox?
Not yet. What would you recommend?
chamomileshark wrote:
Not yet. What would you recommend?

Well I couldn't say I've used them before, but those cgs designs are fantastic and I've heard that his build quality is impeccable and customizable. I would probably try his Bi-N-Tic filter as it can be comb filter, distortion unit, or another oscillator and give you a different flavor from your 3 blacet VCO's and miniwaves. Or perhaps his analog logic panel, pulse divider/logic panel, gate sequencer, or his sequential switch panel, they all seem brilliant. He also has the matrix mixer which I think is cool, but it looks like you have enough mixers already.

Also in the Blacet family, I've noticed that you don't have the Binary Zone, which I actually own and I have fallen in love with. You could use it as a suboscillator, lfo, seqencer, or a pulse divider amongst other things.

I'm sure someone else will chime in soon and offer different if not better suggestions than mine. There are just too many modules out there to get, and if I remember correctly hmmm..... you actually own a Wiard 300 system, so I think you could actually stop right there and be pretty happy as you probably already are we're not worthy .
+1 for BZ! I have two, as mentioned, they have loads of differant uses, like all of the Blacet designs really.

+++1111 for Metalbox!

I have an 8008, a pair of Dual ADs (Four instant attack EGs in 2 Frac spaces!) & I just bought indexofmetals custom silver faced Wave Multiplier, Bi-N-Tic, Psyco LFO & Digital Noises.

I even made a special 8FU wide case for em!

the Bi-N-Tic is a monster! The most amazing complement to the predictable, stable, almost scientific vibe I get from Blacets VCOs. It has a very digital flavour but often makes sounds that remind me of the kind of feedback you get by having loud speakers to close to a spring reverb tank.

The main sound source in those is the Bi-N-Tic, with a CMOS drone & 'drum' part in the 2nd. Apart from a little obnoxious reverb its basically all Wave Multiplier & Bi-n-Tic. At times it even sounds like my Boss DM-3 delay pedal being abused!

I havn't really delved into the external feedback loop yet as my Blacet system is on ice untill I can sort out a PSU, can't wait to get some filters or Miniwave doing its thing in there!
Mood Organ
Metalbox rules.

I can personally speak for the 8-step sequential switch, pulse divider/logic, tube VCA, and matrix mixer. They are excellent modules all! He did rack-end mults + passive attenuators for me as well. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
If you can build, pick up the Metalbox EG kit. So cheap. I really should get another.
Another vote for the Metalbox/CGS Wave Multiplier. It may chew up a lot of Frac Space, but it was exactly what I was looking for in terms of easily controllable pseudo-distortion/wave-shaping. Love this design to death and it would be one of the last units that I would ever sell.

The Binary Zone is also a no-brainer, but I don't know what your Wiard System is like.
The Window Comparator is also a rather unsung hero. It does take a while to get your brain around though.
And since I'm playing with your money (already spent mine on these, btw) the Metalbox Burst Generator is really cool.
Is there any other module that is comparable to the window comparator? Especially since it is deemed "limited edition" now, if they run out before i can make more money, I would like the option to still get something similar.
panda30y wrote:
Is there any other module that is comparable to the window comparator? Especially since it is deemed "limited edition" now, if they run out before i can make more money, I would like the option to still get something similar.

There are other comparators available in other formats,
but I reckon the closest thing available in Frac is the MetalBox/CGS Gated Comparator.
They appear to be quite different though.
I Gated Comparator is in my future DIY plans.

Comparators are immensely useful for so many things and I don't know of any others (besides the Blacet WC) that have so much control over Level and Width, let alone VC control of those parameters.
Besides your other modules need somewhere to dump their voltage.
If you don't have a WC, then where are they going to relieve themselves?
Peter Grenader

The Blacet WC is such a great price , especially for the kit.
I am shocked that it's on the 'to be discontinued' chopping block.
If only he had marketed it a bit more by explaining some of its myriad uses perhaps it would be more popular.
Sure it is not a classic synth staple like: VCO, LFO, EG, VCF, VCA...
but if you get one, and spend some time with it I think it will become essential in your rig.

Oh, and one of the Mini-Wave ROMs has a Window Comparator on it.

Tellun has a PCB for a Window Comparator Gate/Trigger Extractor if you want to DIY something similar.

In Euro, the Doepfer A-189 VC Bit Cruncher has a comparator mode that could be used to similar ends.
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