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Mididac problem
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Author Mididac problem
On initial building of the Mididac and quick test the unit was recieving Midi notes OK, i.e. the LED lit upon midi note played hyper however now that I have completed the unit in its panel the unit will not work. seriously, i just don't get it

I have checked wiring to midi plugs, all is 100% good ,there are no mistakes and also made doubly sure the DIP is set to channel One i.e. 0000 (I even flipped the switches to check) but no midi signal is being detected. When I connect my Kenton that works fine so its nothing to do with midi transmission.

Power supply is checked..all OK.
Pitch ouput has no effect.
Should the board have a seperate ground to panel ? (tried this..nothing)
I'm trying everything I can but running out of options.
Could any miss wiring to the pots halt midi input?
What version of the midiDAC have you got?

For issue 4 pin 3 of the PSU header is connected already to the panel and and sockets. It connects to the panel via the socket's earth lugs. It has no circuit function so to speak. PSU header pin 2 and pin 3 must be connected to the power supply's 0V. However, the module will work without pin 3 connected to 0V.

Issue 1 through 3 require both pin 2 and pin 3 (on the power header) to be connected to 0V. Without both connected all sorts of weird stuff may happen. There is no grounding to the panel except when an patch lead is inserted into the midiDAC's sockets.

rarecomponent wrote:
Could any miss wiring to the pots halt midi input?

I wouldn't have thought so. Have you not fitted the pots to the board directly?

Is midi through working?

Thanks Tony....problem sloved! it was a thin stray blob of solder/wire after wiring that fell onto (U7 I think) shorting two legs...its recieving midi fine and gate is working!!!

Just a bit worried that I dont seem to get proper responce from the moment its just a single high pitch but I think the 7815 in the PSU is failing. I'll replace after the weekend.
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