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.WAV player editing software?
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Author .WAV player editing software?
what software are you guys using to output yr files to the .wav player? i'm trying to use Pro Tools, and it's not giving me files that last very long when i play with them... Andre told me to use Peak, but it's not available anymore and my copy is WAY too old to run on OS 10.6. are there any simple editors that can output the .wav files to run correctly on the .wav player?
rico loverde
i don't own a .wav player but i would think Audacity would work. Its free and exports a shitload of file types.
Ahhh! Audacity worked great! i just imported my file from PT, switched the sample rate and spat it back out...

this module RULES. i'm going freak on on this thing... now that i can put any sound i want in it!!!

thanks rico_loverde!
rico loverde
glad it worked for ya!!!
Just curious if there are any apps (preferably freeware/shareware) that will do batch processing? If you have a folder of a hundred or so files, manually importing each on into Audacity and then manually converting it could take a loooong time. A batch processor would be perfect for this kind of thing...
I use Sample Manager
which does the trick, very handy!
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