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Cabinet Swap!
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Author Cabinet Swap!
Muff Wiggler
For a buncha stupid reasons, I had to pull all the modules out of two cabinets, and swap them into the other, putting them right back in. (Please don't ask).

Anyway, some cool pics.

One cabinet held all Blacet, and one held all Wiard/Bananalogue/MOTM etc. I was only 'swapping' the top portion of 4 racks, not the bottom section of two racks - I left those alone, thankfully.

First, here's all the Blacet modules that were in those four racks, sitting on a deep freeze. You don't often get to see them in this environment, so enjoy this special treat.

I shoulda stuck a little action figure or something stupid down with them. If you were really tiny, they would be like a futuristic army of monolith robots swarming in to kill you. Super scary in an AWESOME way.

Here's inside my rack once all the modules are pulled, in case anyone wants to see my system NAKED

and hey, this sort of covers the same ground as the 'Sex' thread I made in the Wiard forum, but I didn't use this shot there, so it's nice to finish up this post with. Here's what was once an all-Blacet tower, now converted into a WIARD SEX GOD

Don't worry, the Blacets have all been safely transported into the other tower and sit nicely in a cool, totally fresh and new configuration. HOORAY FOR CHANGE!
Haha, I totally saw the robot army too! I was about to post "It looks like a voltage controlled army" and then saw your line between the two pics.

I wish I would have done the same thing with all my modules while they were loose...I could have even done two armies with dead guys (the 2HP doepfers won't standup on their own). Or like Livewire vs. Plan B with some Doepfer mercenaries on both sides...

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