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A good VCO combo advice
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Author A good VCO combo advice
This is the post that I had in the wrong section. I moved it here where it is more appropriate.

After researching a first modular project I have come to the conclusion that I am going to build a Oakley based project. I want to build my VCOs first. Even though I may not build all of them at the same time, I want to have all the boards as identical as possible as far as the date they were built. This is to keep any future versions from entering the picture later on.

So I am going to want at least four VCOs. But Oakley has two different types. I was thinking of a combo of two VCO, one SVCOA and One SVCOB. Does this sound like a good combo?

Of course this will be a large build overtime, and I may not build all of the boards before building other modules. But I do want the boards on hand just in case things were to change down the road.

I have looked over the build and user manuals and even though I havent built a synth before, nothing seems very confusing so far.
Just as a note, as soon as I moved this two members replied and advised two of the svcob instead of an a and b. This does make more sense to me also.
I would recommend the two SVCOb as well. I've got a VCO, SVCOa and SVCOb combo, mainly cause I got the SVCOa when it first came out. There's nothing wrong with the SVCOa but the SVCOb does everything it does and a bit more, and it's not a vastly more complicated build.

By the way I'd highly recommend the Oakley stuff if you're not an experienced builder - the build guides are great and simple, I wasn't an experienced builder when I started off with the Oakley stuff and it was a great starter choice in my opinion.
I had looked at a few different DIY options and Oakley seemed to be the best as far as a vintage look, the 5U format that I wanted, and as stated the well documented instructions. They were the only build instructions that did not in any way confuse me. Everything made enough sense to tell me that I wasnt going in over my head.
Dont forget that is also sounds very good grin
Sounds good to me. Some advice - if you decide to use Bridechamber panels, make sure you buy these at the same time as the boards, just in case the layout changes. Of course, if you go down the Shaeffer/Front Panel Express route, it won't be a problem.
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