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having trouble finding pots.
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Author having trouble finding pots.
I am in the US and trying to buy a small bulk purchase of pots and jacks for the oakley VCO and SVCO.

I understand that the pots need to be 16mm alpha linear. But not audio linear, correct. That would make more sense to me.. Also what about the wattage? I dont know what to order and spent all day trying to figure it out.

And if you search "16mm Alpha" on mousers site you dont get anything at all.

So does anybody have the part number for a solid shaft alpha pot for the oakley modules that I can buy in bulk?

Also what about the Jacks?

I will be using oakley boards and brackets to mount them

These pots should work:

Just look at the builders guide to determine if you need Linear or Audio.

The jacks you want to look for are listed in the builders guide as "Switchcraft 112APC 1/4” sockets". Get those or their equivalent. If you go for the real thing, be prepared to pay a good price for them.

Perhaps not the cheapest price, but this'll give you a good idea: rep4yofdojXOMrXw1h7q1vO3oCLWzZWPMY%3d

But bridechamber has a good high quality equivalent for cheaper:

I've also found some high quality equivalents on ebay.
Thanks, thats exactly what I needed.
decaying.sine here on the forum have been organizing group buys for Switchcraft jacks. Not sure what the current status is, but check out the DIY subforum.
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