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Silent Way v2 beta 5 released
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Author Silent Way v2 beta 5 released
Changes in beta 5:

- new plug-in: SW Learner, providing centralised MIDI learn and OSC support.

- new plug-in: SW Follower, providing pitch and envelope tracking

- new plug-in: SW Soundplane, providing support for the Madrona Labs Soundplane instrument

- v2 beta 5 now uses a Silent Way v2 licence.
-- v2 licences are available to purchase now.
-- v2 is $59.
-- an upgrade from v1 to v2 is $20.
-- if you purchased v1 in 2012, the upgrade is $10. Contact Expert Sleepers for a discount coupon.
-- a new Licence Manager (1.0.18) is required

- SW Sync in beta 5 now has the same Logic bug workaround as v1.7.3

- SW Sync has new parameters: Mute Clock, Multiplier and the option to invert signals when using an ES-5 or ESX-8GT

- SW Trigger has an envelope multiplier (as in the Voice Controller)

- there's now an effect version of SW Trigger which can be triggered by incoming CV (this is useful when using the Step LFO for sequencing, so you can derive an envelope from the LFO's gate output)

As before please keep all discussion and feedback in this thread, which is also where you'll find the download links.
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