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cleaning weevils
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Author cleaning weevils
What is and acceptable way of cleaning the contact points?

For the record I am personally asking in reference to an 06 Weevil which has solder dots on various points of the bugs anatomy.
Snap! I was just thinking about this today after giving my weevil a good seeing too. I like to use a bit of moisture on my fingers & I've been worried about build up / the effects over time this may have.

Thinking maybe some flux? too harsh?
I just use rubbing alcohol on mine

Works great and wont ruin anything
Thanks all.

FIY There are a fair number of natural cooper cleaners should one want to go that route.
Back when I was using those techniques I always used these little Polifix Blocks - they're basically a very fine abrasive. Super-fine-grade emery board would be similar too just to polish things up but similarly copper cleaners would prob. be a-ok too.

Note - this is just for the old bare-copper boards that were used before I moved to pro-pcbs - all the recent Weevils have 'finished' pads which haven't tarnished in the same way. I think these will be generally far longer lasting and probably easiest just to clean with a damp cloth or, if extra gunked, perhaps something like isopropyl alcohol.
I ended up using a paste of salt, baking soda and white vinegar to great effect.

Little needs to be done regularly to the actually bug. More often one should clean the contact blobs.
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