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"Tape 002" video featuring two Kommander`s
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Author "Tape 002" video featuring two Kommander`s
Greetings form Geneva,

Here is my second Tape video featuring 2 Koma Kommander`s.

The basic patch is that the Kommander`send gates to sequencers and control the vca`s . The sequencers control the pitch. More stuff is happening with the CV`s and gates (and the differences in between)

The sound comes from the serge modular and the cocoquantus.
Cocoquantus provides delays and "something" like krshhhh prsjhhhhh you hear sometimes.
The volume of the delay and the cocoquantus is controlled by volume pedals.

There is sometimes a sustained note wich is done by the Freeze pedal by electro harmonix.
The volume of this sustained note is controled by a random smooth CV.

The tape has hiss but most of the hiss you hear is from some other stuff I use in the feedback path of the delays.
I don`t mind the hiss.

The kommanders are great and as I was looking for a double joystick for some time now, this is much better then I thought it would be.

All in all Kommanders are great and I can recommend them .

Have a great sunday


link :

Robert Moob
awesome! well done! love it! we're not worthy SlayerBadger!
wow super! it looks/sounds like you're pulling an orchestra out of the modular with your fingers. so dynamic!
Top notch as always... you are a true source of inspiration.
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