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Complex Random frequency settings
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Author Complex Random frequency settings
The frequency min and max settings have me a little confused.
At the full counter clockwise position(8 o clock) with the ext clock switch engaged, and all 4 manual switches engaged it seems the fastest rate occurs. When moving clockwise on the min and max frequency settings the rate of the internal clock seems to slow down.
Maybe it's just opposite what I'm used to, lowest rate at 8 o clock and highest setting at 4 o clock?
The other thing is when the ext clock switch is engaged it seems to run from the internal clock and when in the opposite direction it can use and external clock?
Is this indeed the case for anyone else?
If that's how it's intended to work, it seems a little confusing but im ok with that.
Yeah, I've been confused by the same things myself.
I got a response from Andre at Addac. In case anyone else was curious about this.
"Dear Raul,

Thanks for your interest in our modules!

About your questions, the freq min and max works like this, min and max are
related to the freq duration, min means smaller intervals, max bigger
When using external clock the min freq is deactivated but the freq max adds
a random delay to the clock signal, meaning that it will delay the input
clock for an X factor up to the Freq Max setting. That's why it seems to
slow down. You can use this as a "swing" function.

And yes the Ext. Clock text in the panel seems inverted, off is up and on is
down, so it may seem counter intuitive, it was a choice due to the tight

I hope this helps!
Let me know if you need any more help

all the very best

Now off to play! w00t
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