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MTA 0.1" housing wire size.
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Author MTA 0.1" housing wire size.
Not had any joy searching the forum so thought I'd post.

I'm just ordering up my interconnects, for the first time I've decided to go the MTA route. All is fine until I come to source the wire. MTA 0.1" Spec states...

Wire Area Size Max: 0.3mm²
Wire Size AWG Max: 22AWG

Now seeing as these are max values I'd assume these are not optimum values, and finding 11 colour packs in the above size is not easy unless you want single core.

What size are people here using with MTA??

Thanks in advance.
I've been using Belden 24AWG, which I buy in 100ft spools at Mouser.
Ah! 24AWG opens up the choices. Found the Belden here in the UK at RS.

Many thanks Russ, what works for you is fine by me.
I also use the Belden 24awg in multiple colors, comes in the 100' rolls and you can also find it in 1000' foot rolls. There are other threads about the crimping tools available.
i use 22 for power, 24 or 26 for interconnect headers.

i also use the IDC-style connectors, SO MUCH EASIER if you're going to do more than a few cables. they in different sizes, sized for specific wire gauges, so you have to match 'em.
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