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This weekend only: OpenTape Super Deal!
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Author This weekend only: OpenTape Super Deal!
Muff Wiggler
So The Wiggler Radio has made a noticeable increase to my monthly hosting bill... Which is very cool as it means folks are digging it!

But it's happening at a tough financial time and since no-one wants to buy my Seraph (nudge nudge) I gotta find another way to try to raise some badly needed funds..

So here's the deal: between now and midnight Sunday night, I'm offering a 2-for-1 on OpenTape hosting!

I've given almost half the current accounts away for free or as a 'thanks' to various members for doing something cool, and I love that aspect of the hosted accounts (even though they are a pain to setup) so I want to encourage gifting OpenTape..... This weekend only, for every $50 you donate you get the rights to TWO OpenTape accounts. Why would you want two? I'm glad you asked!

Perhaps you want to upload music under two usernames..... Or even better - perhaps you want to keep one for your own unlimited music uploads and save the other to give away free to someone cool for some cool reason! I think that would be cool.

And to make this all even cooler, because I *love* free stuff..... At the end of the weekend I'm going to have some random raffle thing where I give out a handful of OpenTape accounts totally free. Starting with three no matter what.... And then for every $100 in donations that come in over the weekend I'll add one more account into the raffle pile.

Ultimately this all adds up to lots more Wiggler Radio music for EVERYONE to enjoy w00t


edit: this was successful enough that I could pay my bills and get out of shit so I'm gonna celebrate by doubling up on the free OT account raffle thing... check the new thread here:

... thanks everyone!!
where can you donate again?
Muff Wiggler
There's a button right below the picture of the cats smile
You'll be getting a donation of about 20$ next thursday (payday).

Been luring here for so long that I'm overdue. Hope it helps.
Muff Wiggler
killer - every bit helps - thank-you!!
Muff Wiggler
one day left - and there's currently FIVE free accounts in the pool for next's week's raffle as well SlayerBadger!
Donair, motherfuckers! Donair!!!!!!1!1!

Muff Wiggler

Thanks *SO* much everyone who helped out - you guys are the best!!

Been a busy weekend and I'll be getting in touch with everyone who donated in the next day or two to get your OpenTape accounts set up.

Also I love you all so much that I'm going to DOUBLE UP on my commited number of free 'raffle' accounts and later this week I'll work out some sort of way to farm out TEN free OpenTape accounts for folks in the community who want them but haven't been able to afford a donation.... actually I'm going to do it RIGHT NOW...

(edit: here's the thread:

I'm super behind on emails so if you're waiting to hear back from me for account setup please know I'll be dropping you a line in the next day or two at the very most

thanks everyone! I'm able to head off to the airport tomorrow with all bills paid and some cash for the family while I'm gone. You guys ROCK.
Take your time, homie. At least in regards to my account; you can set it up last.
Donation sent. Take your time getting he account set up.
halp - cant login to my opentape account - could someone please help me with a password reset?
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