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Save the Animal Babies!
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Author Save the Animal Babies!
As a favor to Dave Lovelace for making art for a couple of my products, I decided that he deserved SOME kind of mention on Wikipedia. After all, his cartoon Retarded Animal Babies is one of the top rated animations on Newgrounds; is available on DVD; and is listed in IMDB.
Plus, Dave is a synth player and did the "Packrat" comics for KEYBOARD magazine.

Welll....when I looked in to it, I found myself in a minefield. Any attempt to recreate the RAB Wikipedia article was instantly and aggressively attacked, by just a few Wiki editors. Dave and his friends had tried to write a page in 2006, and it was deleted PERMANENTLY--but at the time, there were valid objections--it was a bit overlong, and had no citable references to make the subject "notable".

This time, I did have references--including 2 interviews with Dave. Plus, the fact that about the same time his Wiki article was banned, he received a gold record for making the video for Weird Al Yankovic's song "Virus Alert".

Didn't matter. I tried to ask the editors to allow recreation. I added references. I edited the page drastically. Was not rude or pushy.

No good. They sniped and sniveled. Even the page on "David Lovelace" keeps getting drive-by downgraded, by an editor named "Irishguy".

It would be a nice gesture if you guys would please, go to Wikipedia and post some support for Dave in the areas where his article's validity is being "debated".

Muff has listed the links here: .html

This has nothing to do with money. I am just doing a favor for a friend. His cartoons aren't as well-known as Happy Tree Friends, but I think they are MUCH funnier than HTF. Yet HTF has a long, long and detailed Wikipedia page. The (many) creators of HTF also have personal bios on Wikipedia, despite their rather obscure histories.

I feel that RAB deserves at least SOME mention. Not total non-existence....even if you feel RAB is offensive and juvenile (and it is!), the whole situation stinks of censorship and preferential treatment.
Muff Wiggler
thanks Eric - good info to have - but obviously alarming concerning the behaviour at Wikipedia.

It most certainly does amount to censorship - something that should greatly concern us all, regardless your opinion of the RAB cartoon.

Personally, I can't see how it could be more legit. Between IMDB and the Gold Record - god man. Just shows you what a poor source Wikipedia truly is. Sickening.

I updated my blog post with a link to this thread, so that people can get more info if they are interested. I hope they are.

Also I fixed the broken links in my blog post. Thanks Felix for pointing this out.
These wiki guys are douche bags.

It also seems I'm too much of a n00b (just created an account today) to be allowed access to the discussion of the RAB removal.

I'm going to putz around editing some other pages over the weekend and see if that builds up my cred...or whatever...
If anyone else wants to post something favorable about RAB, you should be able to go to this link and use the Edit tab. Unfortunately, the admins locked it. Obviously they will not tolerate any further discussion. ry_11#Retarded_Animal_Babies

I was under the impression that this kind of discussion was supposed to go on for a few more weeks. Apparently I was wrong. If Wiki admins want something dead, they kill it posthaste.

What an amazing bunch of assholes. So much for the "Free Encyclopedia".
Maybe we should petition Encyclopedia Brittanica to include RAB and then just rub it in wikipedia's face.
Muff Wiggler
lol that's awesome
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