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Dual VCA 4K7 and 39K resistor dilemma
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Author Dual VCA 4K7 and 39K resistor dilemma
Hoboy, somehow I managed to get confused about 4k7 and 39k resistors.
I'm building the dual version of the VCA and can't figure out which ones to fit on board.

4K7: R19, R27, R16, R30, R22
39K: R44, R47, R17

For the Dual VCA module only:
4K7: R22
39K: R44

R19 and R27 are not fitted...ok, scratch those out. No problem.
But what about R16, R30, R47 and R17?
Are those fitted regardless of module? Well, that's how I understand the instructions but I decided to ask just to be on the safe side.
I just eyeballed the schematics and R19 and R27 are for BUSS1 and BUSS2 so naturally I don't need those as I'm building a dual VCA and the rest of the resistors I mentioned seem like feedback resistors for op amps (R16, R47...)
so these would be necessary to fit.

Hopefully I'm reading the schematics right. hmmm.....
Yes, the Builder's Guide is a bit confusing. I have just uploaded, what is hopefully, a clearer version.

But to summarise for the Dual-VCA 1U module you need:

4K7 - R16, R30 and R22
39K - R47, R44 and R17

R19 and R27 are not fitted.

Ok. Thanks a lot again, Tony. Guinness ftw!
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