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paia 9720 lfo 1 cycle per minute?
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Author paia 9720 lfo 1 cycle per minute?
I dont experience this with the lfo. The slowest i can get it is about 1 cycle per second. Ive even replaced a few resistors to get super wide range with the pots rather than the normal three octave fact replacing the resistors didnt seem to change the lfo range at all...

Any thoughts?
have you asked scott at paia anything?
a friend of mine added another range switch to his paia9720 but i forget where and exactly what purpose it fulfilled
i talked to scott over the phone..seems like my lfo is working correctly. apparently some of the specs in the manual are incorrect. he was even kind enough to try his out himself over the phone...his slowest cycle was also about 1-2 seconds.
Typically you find the main timing cap and place a larger cap in parallel with it and a switch to connect it. You can try 10X the original value and probably get 10 times longer range, for instance.

If you want to go from 1 sec to 1 minute you would need 60X.

I havn't seen the Paia circuit but these things are all pretty much the same.
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