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PLEASE no multiple identical threads
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Author PLEASE no multiple identical threads
Muff Wiggler
please one thread per topic ambulance

if it's in the wrong place just ask sandy or I and we will move it

making multiple threads with the same title/content makes the search functions lamer and also makes for less focused discussion.

no problems guys and nothing to worry about, just lots of newcomers so I thought it would be a good idea to make a little reminder

we're all a very friendly and laid-back bunch here and I hate rules more than anyone else so please no-one get stressed out because you think you did the wrong thing. there's very little 'wrong' things you can do here, and we are ALL happy that EVERYONE is here and no-one should ever be ashamed of posting 'newbie' questions or anything else. There's no dumb questions, if you want any information at all there's a ton of experience at your disposal here at this forum so you're in the right place thumbs up

again, as always, if anyone needs some helps, needs something moved etc etc just give us a holler

cheers Rockin' Banana!
My bad. Sorry. d'oh!
Muff Wiggler
no worries at all thumbs up
I hear there's a voltage droop with multiples...
vav wrote:
I hear there's a voltage droop with multiples...

I'm new to the forum and had a question about posting replies on old threads (which ironically, I'm doing right now).

Different forums I have visited in the past either don't want you creating new posts about topics that have been posted before, or alternatively, they don't want you posting on really old threads just to ask a question.

I just wanted to know which way we are supposed to swing on the wiggler.

And once again, I apologize if I wasn't suppose to bring this up on this really old thread.

Necrobumping is generally accepted, as long as you actually have something worthwhile to add to the thread. If you're doing it to bump up your post count, it WILL be noticed.
Adding to existing conversations is very much encouraged. It helps to keep things tidy for newer members when doing searches. It sucks trying to figure out which thread has relevant content. A single thread is more easily searched.
MUFF WIGGLER Forum Index -> Announcements - Please read!  
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