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100th frac module
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Author 100th frac module
Muff Wiggler
I just ordered Blacet's Splitter/Mixer combo, and a Window Comparator.

I'm currently looking at 97 frac modules in my system. When these arrive, I'll have exactly 100 modules. I guess that's quite a few.

(frac modules that is. I have some other format modules like Metasonix I'm not counting here)
Sheesh... 2 orders of magnitude more than I have when my first module arrives.

Insane in the membrane .. switch.

Do you remember your first ?
Muff Wiggler
edited the first post to point out this is only frac modules, not other stuff like Metasonix

My first modules were a pair of Wiard Joystick controllers, closely followed by a Blacet rack with power and a pair of Multi/Attens. I couldn't do anything with that stuff lol

Shortly later my next order arrived, all from Blacet. It was, all at once, a VCO, Final Filtre, EG1 and a Dual Lin VCA. Things got a lot more fun at that point.
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