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So.... I've been doing the etching thing for a little over 2 years, and it's been a friggin blast trust me. I've met a ton of amazing people from here at muffs, and art shows... and have done a mind blowing amount of custom metal work for you all.

However... it's time to grow, and to pursue this more seriously. I have things that my brother and I want to start diving into (jewelry, metal castings, lamps, furniture, landscaping stuff) and to do this... I need $$$ and winter is approaching ohio fast. I'm already WAY busy for the fall season and I really don't feel like working in a dark cold ass garage for 3 months.....

SO! Tony and I are going to start working up the business proposal this evening.. and i'm also contacting my web guy about getting my site back up and running (1st step honestly). The plan is to try and raise $2k so that we can buy florescent lights, Mig welder, Heater, as well as having water ran to the shop and a sink installed, then give 5% to KickStarter. This will also help re-stock the materials that i've been shelling out of my pocket for i don't know how long just to get everything up and running over the years.

My good friend Logan of LOW-GAIN Electronics has offered to donate a few modules as incentives... the rest of the incentives will be the main topic of conversation tonight between me and the bro. Most likely... t-shirts, stickers, buttons, custom etched stationary, zippo lighters, flasks, wall hangings, jewelry....

If anyone has some tips or insight on how to go about this correctly... please do share, I'm a little hesitant to even try and pull something like this off but... i think i've proved to myself over the past few years that in the end I make some cool stuff that people like... and I do everything in my power to make sure it's up to spec of what the customer expects. Again... this will SERIOUSLY fuel the next stage in EPINASTY and in advance... I cannot possibly thank any of you enough for your ongoing love and support.

-Luigi LaValle IV-
Let me know how I can help, man. Your work is awesome. Is the sending of more projects your way helpful or a PITA at this point?
Bryan B
I would use Indiegogo, you get to keep the money you raised if you don't reach your goal. It is really frustrating to see friends raise %90 of the money and not get any of it at the end. &ved=0CC8QFjAA& Hx0YDwBQ&usg=AFQjCNEqvS704F4mW3aU5kkzDBoZSG5csA
Reality Checkpoint
I really like your work, and it would be great to see you be able to branch out and reach a wider audience with an expanded portfolio.

Keep us posted!

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Christopher Winkels
Only two grand? That sounds like a deal.

As an early customer of Luigi's I can attest to the quality of both his work and (this is important too) his absolute zest and enthusiam for the projects he undertakes.

Put up the site and $50 will be coming your way from me.
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lookin forward to it!
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I'll buy a Zippo!

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Soooooo... I'm still thinking about doing this. I need to run water into the garage so I can get work done over winter... a propper heater... more lights and a plasma cutter. smile
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Nothin has changed here (except Im not burning nicotine anymore, e-cig now) so go for it!!!
I think I'm going to startup the kickstarter over the weekend guys!! Really just trying to get fundemental to take the garage into a
"shop". More lighting, heater, and running water for a sink! I've never been more inspired or excited as I am right now and I'd love to take into and thru the winter so I can just stay out there at night and create
create create
create. wink
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