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Buchalish 111 Ring Mod PCBs
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Author Buchalish 111 Ring Mod PCBs
mckenic wrote:
Watching this with interest as the Euro chaps take the plunge and hopefully give the all clear - then I can jump!

remember that buchla uses different audio levels than doepfer; you will need to attenuate signals going in, and boost going out, to interface w/ euro
dbl post...
So if we want to use for euro/ blacet purposes maybe a small perfboard amp for the way out would work? Can you recommend a little schematic that will boost for this purpose?
Thank you! (didnt know that!)

thumbs up
i used ken stone's stompbox adapter when testing, worked a treat. current version has 3 makeup amps on the board, and the option to cut it down to just the 2 you'd need, to save space. i will add pass-thru pads so you can interconnect power, and maybe (optional) attenuator voltage dividers on the inputs.

if anybody else didn't realize that this was a buchla module, and wants to back out of the buy, please let me know so i can adjust the count.
I'm thinking this would be ideal for processing guitar and line-level signals.
Any reasons that it perhaps wouldn't suit this application?

I'm in for one, please, maybe more...
I don't want to bail, no way! I just want. To use the opportunity to add a usefull attn/ amp to make this usefull for my purposes. Do you think just a 100k pot feeding some signal to grd to Attn the input signal would work? What about this ditty as an amp for way out
I would just need a bit of help to choose the right components. This kind of thing should be easy enough to build on perf board quick.
if not too late, would def be down for two myself. thanks bbob!
fluxmonkey wrote:
my experience w/ the trimmers is that they are not critical settings: for a couple of them at extreme settings you start getting some distortion, but there's a pretty wide range in the middle where they seem to make very little audible difference.
the 2 outputs appear to be 180deg out of synch w/ each other, other than that, they sound about the same. if you mix them both together they cancel each other out.

Thanks, appreciated! thumbs up
ah fuck it, 2 for me help
Are the dimensions and mounting hole positions on this PCB the same as your 194 PCB?
Please count me in for 2 boards/panels! thumbs up
I'd like to increase my order to two boards pleasse.
it seems i've missed this. is it still possible to get in?
i'd like 2 boards
I'll take 1 board.

i too hope that i'm not too late. I'll take 1 board.

Im in, 1 if its a double (like 111) or 2 if single board.
I'd like to boost my order from four to six please.
boards are in the house, i am doing one final reference build to QA... have had a bunch of gigs this weekend, so it probably will be a few more days before i'm done.

once they're verified, i'll put up an ordering web page on th site, w/ a paypal shopping cart (if i can figure that damn thing out), and post a link here. when that goes up, it will be first come first served, so no need to post any more adds or changes here.

thanks everyone for your interest, patience, and support!

Paid for two boards. thumbs up
sorry for any confusion: i am not yet ready to accept orders for these boards, please do not order at this time. i will post with instructions when i'm set up and ready to go. thanks to you all for your patience.

final QA done, finally ready to take orders! First post updated w/ ordering instructions [go to to purchase boards]. Thanks everyone for your patience and support!

bbob drake
plus one for me please
Sweet! Taken care of business!
ordered! looking forward to it.
do you have any sound samples of it?
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