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Mixolator patch of the day
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Author Mixolator patch of the day
requires 1 Mixolator and 2 Sequantizers. The basic premise of the patch is to control 2 Sequantizers using the stage control using signals that are switched between themselves, which gives a very natural sounding sequence that doesn't feel like random.

Take one stepped output from Woggle bug, patch into X1 in.

Take one envelator, dummy plug into mix1. leave normalisation of 2 into mix2. Put some square signal from LFO or similar into Mixmod. Route output to Y of Mixolator.

Put another square into Zmod of Mixolator.

Run X output into Sequantizer select of 1 module, Run Y output into second Sequantizer. Patch each sequantizer into oscillators of choice.

Adjust/destroy to taste.
I'd love to hear a demo of this if you have one.
i worked on the patch some more today. I use a Binary Zone for squares which is quite essential to having a timed switch. (this square is also used heavily attenuated to control the frequency of the modulator oscillator in my FM patch)

I've also used the Binary Zone which is performing the switch on the Mixolator to control the time of the envelator that is doing half of the sequencing. which means that one of the voices does a faster arpeggio and when it switched to the other one it scrolls through much slower. I'm also using a Hinton Switch Mix, using this square from a Binary Zone, so when it's switched to one side you can control, say, waveshape on a Waveform City, which gives an added level of control. In this patch it's helpful, because the Stepped voltage going into the Mixolator is only 5v or so, whereas I'm using the full 10v of the envelator, and because I use heavy FM, when the WFC is at a high pitch I don't want the waveshape to be so heavy in high harmonics. So I can tie waveshape control to the sequence, so when it's doing the full range sequence, the waveform control stays low, and when it's only using the first 4 or so notes of the sequence I can use the full range of the timbre.

I'm terrible about recording things, it's more likely that when the time is right to record I'll write up patch notes for the finished piece. I might be persuaded as it seems like writing patch notes is impossible at conveying the example I'm trying to portray.
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